Manor Group is a Singapore-based real estate investment and development company that has evolved from focusing on residential projects to currently being predominantly involved in the hospitality and F&B segments. It began as a boutique residential property developer, acquiring a few run down properties and improving each’s state to increase its market value. Over time, the Group has managed to build up its diversified portfolio in aspects of hospitality, F&B, and logistics services.

Today, Manor Group has extended its presence in Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan. In Thailand, the Group embarked on its flagship all-suite 5-star hotel, The Akyra Manor Hotel, and also an innovative Italian restaurant, Italics. In Malaysia, Manor Group’s second hospitality project, The Edison George Town, is a 35-key heritage hotel located in UNESCO World Heritage Site, George Town, Penang. The third project, Shimaya Stays, Kyoto (another UNESCO World Heritage Site) is on track to grow from two to fifteen Machiyas in the next five years. We are very excited to embark on this hospitality-centric journey and hope to leave our unique footprints in Asia.

Vision, Mission and Values


To ensure long-term profitability, increase shareholder value, and fostering synergies as we build mutually beneficial partnerships with those who share our same values and principles.


Manor Group seeks and develops long-term collaborations with our staff and partners. We continually strive to create assets and brand names that are synonymous to good quality, creative and unique designs and a high level of customer satisfaction.


Integrity: Principle, Trust and Honesty

Accountable: Responsible and Answerable

Initiative: Leadership, Foresight and Action