Manor Group (Thailand) in collaboration with YMCA Sao Hin build five Local Dams in Chiang Dao National Park

On 10 August 2015, the staff of the Akyra Manor Hotel, Chiang Mai together with YMCA Sao Hin and students from Hauy-Pao School, Na-Waii School and Thung Khao Phuong School came together to construct five local check dams.

These check dams were built to slow down the flow of water in the river so that the water remains at a correct level during the dry season. One other benefit of the check dam is that it can help maintain soil moisture, hence, preventing forest fires. With the cooperation of the volunteers, the check dams were built over two days.

With Manor Group’s sponsorship, we hope to contribute to the local community by educating the new generation about the environment and improve lives, not just for our customers, but also for the people living in the vicinity of our project sites.

Manor Group gives back to the community through provision of jobs, training, and livelihood programs and also in the preservation of the environment to ensure that the success of the projects translates to a more harmonious life for a greater number of people.